The Codes of Conduct

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The Codes of Conduct

The European Data Protection Committee (EDPB) has presented the 12 February 2019 guidelines for the codes of conduct at the public consultation procedure.

The guidelines prepare practical guidelines and interpretative support with respect to the application of the 40 and 41 articles of the general data protection regulation (hereinafter GDPR). Through the guidelines we wanted:

  • give directions relating to the procedures for preparing the codes;
  • provide interpretative keys relating to the rules relating to the presentation, approval and publication of codes of conduct at both national and European level;
  • offer a clear frame of reference for all supervisory authorities, the Committee and the Commission to evaluate the codes of conduct consistently by streamlining the relevant procedures.

The publication of the guidelines on codes of conduct for public consultation represents an important step for the preparation of useful tools for a better understanding and application of the GDPR.

Among the most interesting implications we note:

  • The possibility of facilitate the application practice of GDPR through the application of a code of conduct that can represent an approved and verified line of conduct for a specific sector;
  • The possibility of being able to present a data protection system personal qualified from the use of a code that could represent a significant indication of assumption of correct responsibility for the definition of any disputes before the Guarantor in the GDPR application field;
  • The possibility of being a diligent and organizational part in presenting any codes of conduct inherent to one's own sector of competence with inevitable and obvious positive effects both in terms of image and of induced business;
  • The possibility of generalizing Best practice sectoral in order to create a virtuous circle in the management of personal data.

These considerations advise to think carefully about the hypothesis of

  • use, conforming to the indications contained therein, a code of conduct once issued within its sector;
  • to promote such an initiative in order to increase and improve the business.

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