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The innovation of companies is based on the renewal of its infrastructures to seek optimization and new paradigms processing to be put at the service of the business. The information, which constitutes one of the most strategic assets for a company, stems from the different combinations of data according to the various business objectives. An adequate focus on the data during their life cycle and in the various areas of technological design (think, for example, the design of their safety by-design and by-default) ensures maximum exploitation of company information.
It is the market itself that calls for a review of resources and processes.
What does innovation mean? It means finding new solutions to the problems of companies, identifying business models that allow new results, it also means identifying strategies to achieve new goals.
Innovation can be a relative concept, which however takes on meaning if contextualized with respect to a reality, a process, a system, an organization.
We are able to manage innovation, having in mind the starting point and the goal to be achieved, not regardless of the economic aspects. We can do this by analyzing the company reality (demand, supply, processes, governance, etc.) from different perspectives and from different points of view ("lateral thinking")
Change management affects every organizational aspect. The goal is not to revolutionize any aspect, but to revisit a part of traditional systems by enlarging the vision to re-establish corporate governance.

When we talk about change and "digital transformation", we need to understand what it means to manage evolution in concrete terms. But it is fundamental to know how to face the new opportunities offered by the technologies:

Information Management
  • Design of Cloud, Web and stand-alone applications
  • Document Management
  • Data management with Data Retention & Folder Self-Service explained
  • System Integration
Innovation and Security
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Business Continuity
  • Accountability
  • Data protection "by design" and "by default"
  • Consolidation and virtualization
  • Balancing of resources
  • Energy monitoring
Analytics and Big Data
  • Analysis of competitive and correlation contexts
  • Problem solving on the business
  • KPIs and directional dashboards
Digital Area
  • Open data and analytics
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Network visualization for marketing
  • Web Design & Mash-up
  • Innovative communication projects
Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Prototype realization
  • Security of Scada networks
The new challenge posed by the New EU Regulation, between disaster recovery and business continuity can be summarized in one word: accountability. And the time has come for everyone to seriously design data security.

What we offer

  • Management consulting: Analysis of the business context - Business Plan and analysis of the reference market
  • Analysis and drafting requirements in Information Systems
  • Project management
  • Definition of the offer and related technological architecture in the areas listed above: Information Management - Innovation and Security - Cloud - Analytics and Big Data - Digital Area - Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Support in presenting financing projects

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